Maldives is made up of over 1,192 coral islands in 26 coralline atolls. Islands on the outer ring of each atoll have a coral reef on one side of the island and a lagoon on the other side. The islands in the middle of the atoll tend to have a coral reef that covers the perimeter of the island


Maldives’ position on the equator gives it an all-year-round warm temperature that sits consistently between 25 C and 32 C. Maldives experiences two seasons every year. It’s sunny and dry from December to April. And has a few showers in May to November, brought in by the South West trade winds.

Time: GMT +5
Capital: Male’
Inhabited Islands: 200
Resort Islands: 140
Population: Approx. 350,000
Major Industries: Tourism and Fishing
Currency: Rufiyaa, but USD accepted in all resorts
Due to the dispersed geography of the Maldives, there are three ways to travel across the Islands